Vehicle OEMs With The Following Job Titles:

  • CEO / COO / CTO / Managing Director
  • VP Hybrid Technology
  • VP Battery Systems
  • VP Energy Solutions
  • VP Vehicle Engineering
  • VP Supply Chain
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of Battery Management
  • Head of Thermal Management
  • Head of Electrical Development
  • Chief Engineer of Electric Vehicles
  • Hybrid Chief Engineer
  • Electric Propulsion & Control Systems
  • Lead Battery Engineer
  • Managers of Electric Vehicle Operations & Strategy
  • Thermal Systems Engineer - Advanced Vehicle Development
  • Battery Cell Development Engineer
  • Energy Systems Storage Supervisor


  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Battery Material Suppliers
  • Battery Pack & Vehicle Level Integration Specialists
  • Lightweight Material Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Battery Management System Manufacturers
  • Infrastructure Specialists
  • Ultracapacitor Manufacturers
  • Research & Development Laboratories
  • Testing & Safety Specialists


Gala Dinner


Kevin Layden

Kevin Layden

Director, Electrification Programs & Engineering


Ankil Shah

Ankil Shah

General Manager, Materials Engineering Department



Albert Lam


Detroit Electric

John Sleconich

John Sleconich

Vice President Of Engineering


Guan Chew

Guan Chew

General Manager, Complete Vehicle Development

Porsche Engineering

Steve Clark

Steve Clark

Senior Manager, Energy Storage & HV Systems


Cliff Fietzek

Cliff Fietzek

Manager Of Connected eMobility

BMW Of North America

Erik Kauppi

Erik Kauppi

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Current Motor Company

Ilan Gur

Dr Ilan Gur

Program Director & Senior Advisor,

ARPA-E, US Department of Energy


Ian Wright

CEO & Co-Founder Tesla



In the face of ever increasing oil prices, worldwide mandates to reduce CO2 emissions and significant investment by OEMs and Battery Manufacturers alike in EV battery technology, reducing the cost of EV ownership and meeting consumers’ performance demands remain key yet challenging goals for the industry.

However as technological developments continue, alongside the cost-benefit equation starting to tip in EVs favor as gas prices soar, now could be a decisive moment to seize the opportunity to cement EVs position in the marketplace. Capitalizing on the latest usability data and continuing to innovate cost reduction strategies across battery materials, chemistries, battery and vehicle system level integration clearly will be crucial to paving the way for mass market adoption.

The 6th Global Cost Reduction Initiative: EV Battery Tech USA Annual Meeting is the only forum where you can hear from 20+ leading Vehicle OEMs speakers, innovative start-ups and EV Battery Manufacturers to engage in focused discussions on battery technology through a cost reduction lens.

You will gain first-hand insights on state-of-the-art developments, experiences & strategies on reducing the cost of the EV battery from materials & chemistries to manufacturing, light-weighting and system level integration.

With new and more senior Vehicle OEM speakers, interactive tracked sessions and a Battery Manufacturers' panel discussion, this year’s EV Battery Tech USA is a crucial platform for all industry stakeholders to engage in a timely learning forum to drive forward mass-market production success.



Day One will analyze the latest strategic and technical EV battery developments being implemented across the industry. The latest generation of battery chemistries and materials will be presented showcasing their potential performance enhancements. Through brand new tracked sessions you will benefit from case studies focusing on the latest cost reduction strategies for vehicle level integration, standardization of components and light-weighting.

Day Two introduces a new focus on usability data assessing how this an be employed to address consumer fears on range and support evidence based future strategy based on quantitative fact rather than projections. Further sessions will examine efforts to drive down costs of commercial scale-up and through life ownership. Battery pack integration and unique insights into alternative platform electric vehicle development will be investigated before analysis of testing developments and safety. 

Click here to view pricing information and register your place.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ann Arbor this September for EV Battery Tech USA.

The Global EV Battery Tech Team


"The conference covered a great variety of topics along the values chain of EV batteries, sometimes with controversial results due to the...


What's New For 2012?

  • New, And More Senior, Speakers: Bringing together a broad range of decision makers for first-hand analysis of future strategic plans alongside examination of technical innovations
  • Battery Manufacturers Discussion Panel: Ensuring a commercially pragmatic information exchange, this expert panel will showcase Battery Manufacturers perspectives and provide an rare opportunity for candid discussion between industry stakeholders
  • Increased Vehicle Level Analysis: As a key to gaining further cost reduction, engage in analysis of advances in modular design, decentralized integration and system performance optimization for a more holistic approach
  • Alternative Platform Battery Applications: Gain transferable lessons on range extension, integration, scalability and matching consumer requirements, whilst increasing your understanding of opportunities in these alternative markets
  • Benefit From Interactive And Smaller Group Tracked Sessions: Providing you with even more contact with our panel of industry leading experts, opportunity to get your questions answered and tailor your day to suit your needs
  • Networking Gala Dinner: Offering extended networking time in a relaxed social setting this is an ideal opportunity to cultivate new and old relationships alike
  • New Venue: This years symposium will be held at a highly appointed resort which is nestled on a 135 acre championship golf course and comprises premier conference facilities and state of the art amenities
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